Decker Construction is a Commercial Construction Manager serving Gainesville and the larger North Central Florida region (CGC 1522815).

We deliver a wide range of services for all commercial buildings ranging from new construction, interior and exterior renovations to commercial, institutional, higher education, medical research, and health care facilities, as well as level 3 biohazard facilities and laboratories.  

Our goal is to be the best partner for clients, our employees, and subcontractors in delivering the best projects possible.

Our Mission

Building a better quality of life for everyone we serve.


Our Values

Do whatever it takes

We will do whatever is required in order to accomplish our mission, achieve operational excellence and efficiency, and deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Deliver above expectations

We hang our hat on the fact that we are one of the safest, most consistent, value-driven companies in our industry. We care about the entire life of the project and are dedicated to providing exceptional value for our clients.

Put people over profit

We do what we do because we want to positively impact the quality of life of our employees and their families, our suppliers and subcontractors, the clients we partner with, and the communities we serve. By prioritizing others, we will build long-term relationships in our community based on trust and confidence in our work and culture. That’s our profit strategy.

Be an advocate

When a client hires us, they put a lot of trust in our expertise and we don’t take that trust for granted. We seek to guide, educate, and advocate for our clients during what can be a daunting and stressful process.

Come together like a family

Families aren’t always perfect but one thing is for sure, they love and respect each other. While it’s important that we have clear boundaries and expectations, we appreciate and value our co-workers’ and partners’ contributions. We serve one another, communicate openly and honestly, and challenge and reward each other.

History & Background

Decker Construction is a 4th generation construction management firm.

Building traditions since 1931.

Our roots go back to J. L. Ewell Construction, which began serving Florida in 1931. In 1954, J. L. Ewell Construction branched out and became one of the largest highway contractors in the State of Florida, eventually becoming one of the largest construction firms in Florida with over 2000 employees.

In 1982, James Ewell Decker, a third-generation family builder, reactivated the commercial building program for J. L. Ewell Construction and operated under that established name until 1990, at which time the company name was changed to James E. Decker Construction Company.

In 2012, the company was re-established by Chris Decker and Mike Calsam, who then changed the company name to Decker Construction.

Today, the team at Decker Construction draws on our deep history of construction management and general contracting. Having refined the process over four generations, we know the value of relationships, hard work, and integrity. We strive to provide our clients with a full-service commercial construction experience and we’re here to help — all the way from design-build projects to competitive, negotiated contracts.

Throughout our years of service on numerous commercial builds in a variety of unique industries, we’ve developed our process and carried it with us to each new construction project. Decker has valiantly adapted and risen to the occasion time and time again to meet the specific needs of each client and every project. As our company has progressed, the foresight and understanding we’ve gained have led us to where we are today as proudly distinguished construction managers. In addition to offering general contracting services, we provide extended value as construction managers by overseeing every detail on both ends of a commercial project. The difference lies in our emphasis on comprehensive construction execution, wherein our elite and versatile team is equipped to manage a commercial build throughout the entire construction process because a project starts and ends long before and after a build is complete.

As a family-centered company four generations strong, we value the relationships we are able to forge with our clients and see these relationships as opportunities to learn how to best show up for them, whatever that may take. In turn, our approach as concentrated construction managers helps us to fulfill our mission to create a better quality of life for everyone we serve.

The perfect balance of culture and experience. We combine decades of leadership in our field with a unique perspective that brings energy, curiosity, and urgency to every project.

Meet the Team