Our Services

Decker Construction offers knowledgeable development services for commercial construction and renovation throughout Gainesville and North Central Florida.

What Are Development Services?

Our Development Services team clarifies your objectives and opportunities for your property. The many vital aspects of development stretch far beyond visioning and land acquisition.

Our team can determine ownership and financing options, overcome permitting hurdles, investigate tax incentives, handle municipal and environmental regulations, and recommend occupancy alternatives if needed. We provide you with a knowledgeable partner to guide you through the complexity of development.

What’s Included in Development Services?

The two clear steps of starting a project are obtaining land and creating the design. Development keeps these elements in check. One aspect is the increasingly stringent municipal and environmental regulations on designs. When looking to start a new project, these may seem intimidating, but we’re here to ensure your project meets all criteria. We also go through every building code and regulation to cut down red tape and simplify the process for you. Development services provide you with the security of knowing you’re not susceptible to violations or missing permits.

Permits and restrictions aren’t all that come with development. There are tax incentives the government provides for certain types of projects that can provide significant benefits. We handle the research of what tax incentives may be available to you and the specific qualifications you would need to meet to receive them.

Should We Use Development Services?

Navigating the financial and regulatory hoops of construction requires industry knowledge and experience. Our team knows how to get your project off to a running start and ensure it’s taken care of to the end. This service is crucial if this is your first project and you’re finding yourself in need of assistance. Make sure your project is in good hands from ownership to permits with Decker Construction’s countless years of handling development services.

Learn more about our development services and how we can assist you with a new project!