Decker Construction values your privacy and is committed to protecting it as such. We collect non-identifying information about users on our website to improve user experience. Below outlines some key details.

  1. Information Collected

Our website does not collect any private information that personally identifies users visiting our website. The only information used to identify a user that we collect is the information that you voluntarily submit which may include your name, email, phone number, vehicle information, social media profiles, and any other details or pieces of information you offer.

  1. Use of Information

Information, both personal and non-personal, is strictly to be used to:

It is not, and will never be, sold to others/third parties or used internationally.

  1. Data Collection Methods

The personal data that we collect from website users is through voluntary information provided in forms, emails, and other direct communications. These are collected through the use of a third-party form application. The non-personal data collected from website users is tracked through Google Analytics and Facebook.

  1. Control Your Information

At any time, you can request changes, updates, or termination of your personal information. This applies to all data whether personal information is given voluntarily or non-personal information given by way of website cookies.