Our Services

Decker Construction provides comprehensive design-build services to our customers throughout Gainesville and North Florida.

What Is the Design-Build Method?

When you want the convenience of single-point project delivery, where the construction and design services fall under the same umbrella, we’re happy to employ the design-build (DB) approach. We offer the same high level of service as our CM approach.

The design-build method is known to be flexible and transparent, and maximum efficiency can be achieved using this approach, ultimately saving you time and money.

How Does This Differ From Hiring a Construction Manager?

A construction management approach is best for consultation on projects involving multiple parties or where the design has been set. This allows for detailed organization, timely planning, and constant oversight of the build. With the design-build service, we oversee not just the build but design aspect as well working hand in hand with the design team professionals. Design-build services involve our team running the project from start to finish.

How Is Design-Build Service Beneficial?

Starting a new project from scratch can be the perfect opportunity to hire us for design-build services. You’re offered customizable design options and increased access to the design and building teams to ensure your build turns out exactly the way you want. Just as the client has more access and direct communication, so do the designers and builders. They can work more cohesively, reducing ambiguity and ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Using this service can greatly cut back timelines because your team is integrated, better equipping them to manage multiple timelines and workflows. Construction for design-build has the added benefit of beginning construction before a design is finished. With maximum coordination between teams, your project can also be completed without facing delays.

Having a unified team of builders and designers can even save you from unexpected costs. Increased communication will avoid running into design changes and delays that would have been costly. This unified team allows more flexibility when it comes to material selection, techniques, and many other aspects. The team is also able to make adjustments much more easily under the DB delivery method.

Should We Use the Design-Build Service?

As an established industry expert, Decker has years of experience and a professional portfolio to provide you with superior design-build services. Our team is here to make your vision come true. Take the next step in beginning your project by partnering with Decker.

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