Decker Construction provides Commercial Construction Management At-Risk (CM) services to clients in Gainesville and throughout North Central Florida. We are a family-centered company with roots dating back to 1931, and our team is ready to help you complete your next commercial project! Read below to learn more about the Construction Management At-Risk Method, and contact our team if these services sound exactly right for your next project!

What Is Construction Management?

Construction management companies are typically hired to oversee the entire commercial construction or commercial renovation process from start to finish.

The construction management approach allows for transparent and thorough planning before, during, and even after commercial construction is complete, granting our happy clients satisfaction and peace of mind.

What Does a Construction Manager Do?

Our team specializes in construction management because we have the experience to know commercial construction benefits the most from organized management from the beginning. Through this process, we focus on things like quality assurance, communication, organization, finances, deadlines, documentation, permitting, licensing, and insurance. These aspects of a commercial build, along with many more, are crucial components of the project which require expert attention and management to ensure project success.

Decker also ensures subcontractors are prequalified to work on a commercial project before the project begins. We have an expansive list of trustworthy community partnerships with people our team will utilize throughout the project (think engineers, electricians, architects, and more).

What Does Commercial Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) Mean?

Commercial construction managers act as consultants throughout the construction process to the construction project owner. Often, construction managers commit to delivering the construction project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

During the CMAR project method, clients typically select their construction manager before the design stage is complete allowing the entire construction project to be handled under one single contract from start to finish by construction management professionals. This allows the Construction Manager to engage early on with design professionals in order to clearly define project goals, identify value engineering opportunities, and identify long lead materials that may have a better alternative product with lesser lead times among many other specific benefits.

There are many benefits of the Construction Manager At-Risk Method, including clarity, project pace, coordination, and communication. This method may reduce the amount of time a construction project can take to complete and keep each party aligned and in the loop throughout the build. It allows trusted commercial construction experts to take the stress out of the new construction and renovation for their clients.

Should We Hire a Construction Manager?

Hiring a construction manager like Decker Construction is one of the smartest decisions you can make for a new commercial build or remodel. Our team has a deep understanding of the needs of commercial projects as well as a strong connection to the community in which we complete these projects. Our mission is to build a better quality of life for everyone we serve, and that starts with you.

When you partner with Decker, you partner with construction managers who have your back every step of the way, no matter what! Message Decker Construction today to schedule a time to chat about an upcoming project!

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