Decker specializes in consulting and pre-construction services. These services work together to help our team better plan and prepare for commercial construction and renovation projects to ensure that the outcome is as expected.

What is Construction Consulting?

For our commercial construction purposes, construction consulting involves our expert team of construction managers and general contractors consulting our clients and project owners during projects. Our team oversees and assesses projected project costs and construction project contracts to help keep timelines, materials, and the budget in order.

Our team can act as an in-house consultant, providing valuable insight and feedback at the beginning as well as throughout the commercial construction project to ensure every detail is taken into account, allowing the commercial build or renovation to run as smoothly as possible.

What are Pre-Construction Services?

Pre-construction services take place before a commercial construction project begins. In tandem with construction consulting, pre-construction services serve as the planning stage of any commercial construction project to help ensure projects go according to plan (or as close to plan as possible) and help mitigate risk, slowdowns, and projects going over budget throughout the entire process.

Pre-construction services are often the first phase of planning a client will go through with an experienced construction management team and help align the client or project owner’s vision with realistic expectations and projected outcomes.

How Does Consulting and Pre-Construction Benefit My Commercial Construction Project?

Together, consulting and pre-construction services set the foundation for each successful commercial construction project. This is the time when we, as construction managers, get to listen to all of the client’s needs, learn the requirements and intended functionality of the new build or renovation, and hire the best subcontractor teams and vendors based on the unique requirements and specifications of your particular project.

The subcontractors and vendors our team selects are dependent on the type of project we are completing. Decker has extremely high-quality standards and intends to recruit the right people for the job.

Consulting and pre-construction are a crucial part of every commercial project because this methodology helps us set the stage for success. This process keeps a commercial project organized and helps to keep everyone in the loop of progress and updates.

Consulting and pre-construction services include but are not limited to an initial meeting followed by meetings throughout the project, project evaluation, budget estimation, selecting materials and deciding upon which equipment will be required, site analysis, review of the design and engineering documents, schedule setting, and safety standard setting.

All of these stages are monitored throughout the project. Any subsequent changes in the original project plan will be thoroughly documented for reference by the construction company and the client or project owner.

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