Decker Construction provides expert general contracting services for commercial construction and renovation throughout Gainesville and North Central Florida.

What Is a Commercial General Contractor?

The general contracting method, also known as the design-bid-build method, is the traditional commercial construction project delivery method. As a general contractor, we help coordinate and execute the construction or renovation of commercial projects and are experienced and licensed by the state of Florida to conduct GC work.

Since general contractors help ensure that projects run smoothly from start to finish, getting a GC on your commercial build is best as soon as possible. Some of the duties our experienced general contractors manage include:

General contractors are experts at managing multiple tasks at a time, problem-solving, and possessing the technical skills required to ensure subcontractors are safely and accurately completing each of their tasks. Our GC team also ensures clear communication throughout every project and that our timeline and budget are consistently monitored.

Hiring a Commercial General Contractor

When you or your company decide you are ready to hire a commercial general contractor, it’s important to consider the services you’re looking to hire for. Our team currently offers general contracting services for the following project types:

Find a local General Contractor that you can trust who has experience with the project you’re looking to complete. Decker is currently listed on TheBlueBook and the BANCF sites, where we often receive referrals, and these are both trusted construction industry referral communities. We also have great relationships with our subcontractors in the community and only employ the best subcontractors for each unique job.

Contact our team today to learn more about our commercial general contracting services and how we can help turn your dream into a reality!