When you begin a commercial construction project, the last things you want to deal with are frustrating delays and avoidable mistakes that can lead to your project being derailed and an unpleasant experience throughout your build — or worse, an unsatisfactory or unusable result.

A popular construction method, the CMAR (Construction Management At-Risk) method, utilizes multiple subcontractors to handle each individual part of the construction process. In this delivery method, the design stage of the project has been performed by a team of architects and engineers to the point where, given the information known at the time, would be able to be called 100% Construction Documents. This is what the various subcontractors will price and perform from.

The design-build method for commercial construction projects, on the other hand, can make a significant difference in efficiency, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness, to name just a few factors. At Decker Construction, we are proud to offer Gainesville and North Central Florida customers our many years of design-build services. Read on to learn more about what makes this process so advantageous for everyone involved. 

The Benefits of a Design-Build

Traditional build projects, commonly called design-bid-builds, or CMAR (Construction Management At-Risk), use multiple subcontractors to handle each individual part of the construction process. With the right company, CMARs are a positive experience for customers, and sometimes, CMARs even turn into design-builds depending on certain unforeseeable circumstances. As we’ve seen lately, social and global factors like material shortages, employee shortages, and so on have influenced many commercial builds and changed their design process mid-planning. 

All of that is to say that the design-build method offers multiple benefits for all involved, and Decker Construction has the experience to walk you through your commercial build from start to finish, whatever it takes. Some noteworthy benefits of design-builds include the following. 


A company that understands the design-build process possesses the necessary experience to understand the entire project from start to finish, knowing how decisions made early in the process can impact the project’s overall success. Design-builds offer the opportunity to have a customized design, as the project owner has more access to the design and construction teams to achieve exactly the end result they want for their build. This method reduces ambiguity that may arise during the project. As the designer and builder stay on the same page the entire time, the focus stays where it should — protecting the client’s investment. 


Using a design-build team for your commercial construction project means communication happens more frequently and efficiently between the project stakeholders. So, there are decreased chances for frustrating miscommunication and increased opportunities for beneficial collaboration and teamwork. Particularly with supply-chain-related or other possible delays on materials, it’s important to know that the people working on your build can spot issues quickly, then troubleshoot together, so these issues don’t derail your project. 

Time and Cost Savings

With a design-build, bids can be completed faster, and project phases such as design and scheduling can be completed at the same time. Further, the construction of your commercial project can start before final designs are completed. The unified team is better able to manage numerous timelines and workflows so that your project avoids delays in spite of all of these different components occurring simultaneously. 

Similarly, a designer-builder team can also offer cost savings, with an integrated team working together to be efficient and problem-solving to benefit the owner. There are fewer chances for last-minute design changes or mistakes. Further, the design-builder knows and understands the project’s overall budget and can work to ensure that each part of the project remains within the allotted budget.

Decker Construction is Your Commercial Design-Build Dream Team

When you’re ready to experience the difference that using a professional, knowledgeable, and community-connected company can make, trust the expert commercial construction team at Decker Construction. We offer customers in Gainesville and North Central Florida our comprehensive design-build services, in addition to construction management, consulting, pre-construction, development, general contracting, and pre-engineered metal building and sales. 

We are committed to providing our customers with quality, transparency, efficiency, and a final project that exceeds their expectations. Our streamlined design-build commercial construction method ensures you deal with fewer headaches during the process. Contact us today to get started on your commercial construction project.