Since the start of Decker in 1931, we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve watched the construction industry change along with the world around it. And now, we’re here to share with you some industry skills, along with life skills, that we have learned as construction managers. 

1. Encourage internal communication

Each member of our team plays a crucial role in the success of our client’s projects. With multiple teams heading different phases of a project, continuous collaboration and communication are key. In the construction industry, we are not strangers to changing plans. When a change is made to the original design of a project, the construction team must be notified immediately. This gives them the ability to adjust their plans, thus updating the timeline and materials needed. Holding a high standard of efficiency and accuracy comes down to clear communication between all of our team members.

2. Be prepared to grow and adjust to new industry norms

As we faced the pandemic in 2020, the costs and availability of both materials and employees drastically changed. It taught us that we can’t always expect things to go according to plan and that we have to work together as a team to accommodate changes. Since then, we’ve grown our team to be flexible and ready with backup plans, ensuring that we can handle any changes we may face. 

3. People over profit

When we say people over profit, we mean it. At Decker, our goal has always been to grow the community of Gainesville and deliver the project they have been dreaming of on time, on budget, and with great customer service.
The more a company prioritizes profit the less the focus is on customer’s needs and satisfaction. As construction managers, a large part of our role is to advise our clients on the best options for their project, which may not be the most profitable option for us. We know that their needs come far before profit, and a happy client is what we strive for. In the future, we’re more likely to see a customer return because they were pleased with our work. 

4. Use the right teams for the right jobs

Each new project has its own process. We can start from the ground up or work with a structure that’s already been designed. Our different teams have their own specialties and experiences that make them experts in their job. Whether consulting and pre-construction, design-build, general contracting, development, or construction management, we work to utilize each team member’s knowledge and experience.

5. Always be upfront and honest with clients when problems arise 

Just as we mentioned before, being prepared for changes and delays is essential in running a business. However, we cannot predict every problem that may arise. It is our priority to verbally communicate unforeseen issues as soon as they occur and document what, when, and why issues happened. Honesty and transparency are the keys to building trust with clients. Our clients can rest assured that we will not hold back any details, from the minute to the monumental.

Find the Experienced Team at Decker

Years of working on a variety of projects have taught us far more lessons than the five we’ve discussed here. We’ve grown through sudden industry changes and learned how to best adapt our process to our client’s needs. Using our experience and knowledge, our team strives to bring the Gainesville community the best construction management services available.  

If you’re looking to get your project started with a team you can trust, call Decker Construction today at (352) 448-1428, or visit our website to schedule a time to discuss your next commercial project!