When people think of a commercial construction project, they may just see the finished building as evidence of its success. But, that final product wouldn’t be possible without the pre-construction consultation services that save you money and time throughout your project. 

When you use Decker Construction’s pre-construction consulting services, you end up with a building you can be proud of and the peace of mind that your contractor knew where to focus the project resources to ensure you got the most value possible. Read on to learn more about why these steps matter so much. 

What Is Pre-Construction Consulting? 

As with the building’s foundation, pre-construction consulting lays the foundation to ensure the project’s success. Pre-construction is taking the time to make crucial decisions and create success metrics before the project begins to maximize efficiency and mitigate any potential issues that may arise. 

A reputable commercial construction company can guide you on design, budget, project timeline, and post-construction at the start to make the best use of money and resources. This initial phase requires transparent and frequent communication between the construction team and any additional project consultants. 

Benefits of Pre-Construction Consulting

At Decker, our pre-construction consulting services provide you with more productive, efficient operations. Issues are bound to come up during your project, but the pre-construction consulting phase allows your construction team to use their experience to anticipate risks with project pieces such as permit requirements, site evaluation, material and equipment needs, and scheduling concerns. 

Using pre-construction services allows you to: