It’s no secret that happy employees tend to be more productive employees, and many workers have become fond of remote work over the last few years. Although many businesses were forced to transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have now shifted to a hybrid model or have fully returned to their physical locations. Further, some essential businesses like hospitals or schools remained open even during the pandemic. 

So how do employers make their team actually want to return to working on-site? Renovating your commercial spaces to give workers what they want and need to be productive is an effective way to boost your team as they return to the office in 2022. 

How to Give Employees What They Want 

A great way to ensure you’re building a commercial space that serves your employees well is to ask for their input before the first hammer strikes. Find out which of your building’s current features they like or wish were different, and you can use their ideas to inform how your new space looks and functions. 

Renovating your commercial spaces has countless benefits including the following. 

The following are some commercial renovation ideas that workers will love. 

Add Fun Spaces

Particularly for the new generation of workers, they need more from where they work than just desks and chairs. Giving them spaces to collaborate and unwind can help keep them happy. Adding a game room, coffee station, breakout spaces, or an enlarged kitchen area are just a few popular ideas. 

Create a Cozy Lobby

Your lobby is usually the first thing a customer sees when they enter your building. Make yours a welcoming place by adding built-in shelves and feature walls as well as seating that encourages conversation. When you make your lobby a happy place, your employees may also like to gather and chat there. 

Rethink the Layout

Open floor plans have risen in popularity in recent years, but some studies suggest that not every worker is a fan. Some employees want at least some level of privacy and uninterrupted time while they work. 

For those who do like the feel of an open floor plan, it can encourage collaboration and make people feel like part of a team. You can remove cubicles or walls and build in interesting design features like architectural beams and beautiful lighting. 

Of course, this largely depends on what kind of work your company does, so it’s a good idea to be open-minded about what suits your workers best. 

Decker Helps You Create the Perfect Commercial Setting 

There is also a renewed and increased focus on health and safety following the pandemic, so it’s a good idea to ensure that your company is taking the appropriate measures to effectively clean your spaces as well as offering places of seclusion where workers can video call in if needed. 

If you’re inspired by any of these ideas or have your own dreams of making your office spaces perfect for your employees, contact Decker Construction today. We have the experience and expertise you need to renovate your commercial building and bring your vision to life with quality and a commitment to your satisfaction.